• The Vale ‘Supa Die’ Hoodie now on Redbubble

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    Shugg Nagratth Jr, the rebellious son of Aylesbury’s monstrous mayor, is into Hip Hop, Dubstep, D ‘n’ B and anything else the human kids might consider on trend and ‘urban’.

    But after a dimensional invasion, war and halving of the human population, what happens to music and fashion on the streets as we know it?

    They bounce back and labels change to suit the mood of the times, of course.

    Presenting Shugg Jr’s favourite urban clothing brand, Supa Die!

    The Vale ‘Shugg Life’ T-Shirt now on Rebubble

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    Are you the child of a once-dormant dark tentacled entity that has taken over Earth?

    Really want to tick him off?

    Then start dressing and talking like a human urban youth and get some Hip Hop-inspired tattoos.

    Shugg Nagratth Jr, the Cthulhu-esque manchild lifts his hoodie to show the ink he got did.

    The Vale ‘Feston’s Bile’ T-Shirt now on Redbubble

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    Fancy a hangover that could be weaponized? Want to make the Troll or Goblin across the bar look like Lacey Banghard, or the Kathleen Turner of today look like Katy Perry?

    Do you have a liver that is somehow inexplicably constructed of Tungsten coated with Kevlar?

    Then Feston’s Bile is the very beverage for you. Remember, its not just a drink, it’s a self-embalming fluid!