• The Vale ‘MOFO (Bad Foyo Elf’s shirt)’ now on Redbubble

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    In the leafy little market towns of England’s Home Counties, there persists a gritty and urbane ‘gangstas paradise’ attitude among its youth. Monsters and humans all take part in a collective ‘sexing-up’ of its hard-nut reputation.

    Most of this is ill-deserved and more to do with a mixture of teenage angst and pop culture. However, the Boys and Elves in da Hood of Micklefield Estate, High Wycombe are the real deal.

    Bad Foyo Elf is one of its residents. A bad emerald green mudda, who stands 7 feet tall, conjures fire from his tablet computer and can get you jailbroken Dingleberry smartphones (among other items) from his network of criminal contacts.

    He always seen wearing this, his ‘MOFO’ t-shirt, and a massive gold chain. You know, to show the estate that he ain’t nothin’ ta ‘f’ wit.

    Process page from The Vale Issue 2

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    Quite often us comics fans do like to get a bit geeked out over the process of putting them together.

    In that spirit, here’s a rough pencil page from The Vale 2, where we first meet strip pub lanlord and pervy businessman Addy inside The Dyrty Mare.

    Vale 2 page 2 pencils

    The Vale Name-a-Snack contest!

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    Get a free sketch and a credit in The Vale issue 3!

    With minimal spoilers, there will be a creepy scene in a small supermarket that requires some alternate names for real world chocolates and snacks.

    Post your suggestions to my Vale Facebook page -


    Share the contest (and page) with friends and get involved! I’ll pick the best 5 and announce them on The Vale page and website.

    Your idea will appear in the next Vale comic and i’ll send you a free character sketch (email your address to bretturen@hotmail.co.uk or DM me on here).

    As an example i’ve already come up with -

    Sadbury’s Seat Warmers and Milk Sprayed.

    Anything that could be considered rude or have vague magical leanings are going to suit the story best.

    So, let’s get cracking! ;)

    The Vale ‘De Crypt Club’ T-Shirt now on Redbubble

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    St. Mary’s Church in Aylesbury had a storied history, from the Civil War to the ancient earthen burial mound it was built upon.

    But now under Elder rule and their dark enchantments, even the dead don’t get to retire.
    They get a job tending bar.

    De Crypt is the vale’s premier club for hackers, tinkerers and skull-dugging of all sorts. Service is provided by the ghosts and ghoulies of a hundred generations. Don’t show the Saxons your smartphone, it’ll just lead to confusion.

    Sometimes, the odd loose Elder like Shugg does go in there for a skinful.
    But you know, he’s harmless. he probably just staggered inside while chasing a tight-fitting pair of jeans…