• New art from Vale #3 instead of webcomic

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    Hi guys,

    I’ve been taking some time out to move house, finish side projects and pieces for  the Dead Universe Publishing 1st year Anthology comic.

    I contributed to 2 stories in the book, which will be released on Free Comic Book Day at our event in Aylesbury!

    So, normal service will resumed on the webcomic in the next week, until then…

    Here’s a sneaky peek at Vale #3, due out in the next month. Enjoy!


    Brett :D 28141_640457702635735_448972449_n

    Interview with Geeks Unleashed.Me about The Vale!

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    Hey everyone,

    The super-nerdy lords among men that work behind the scenes at Geeksunleashed.me graciously took the time to talk to me about The Vale, using humour to present politics with a light touch and juggling being a creator and family man.

    Hope you enjoy it and take a look around the site overall, they do journalism on games, TV, movies and many geeky pursuits!


    The Vale ‘Pink Girls tee’ now on Redbubble

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    Finally, i’ve made something for just the ladies…

    The Vale ‘green logo’ now on Redbubble

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    It’s just a green Vale logo, but I think it looks pretty nice…

    The Vale ‘Elder Conjuring Stylus’ now on Redbubble

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    Jan Czernowicz’s powerful wand used to be that of Aylesbury’s incumbent mayor, Shugg Nagratth Snr.

    That is, until Shugg Jr stole it, then sold it to the boy sorcerer for jokes and 150 quid.

    The wand itself is an alien source of cosmic dark energy, of the type that has allowed The Elder to dominate man utterly.

    Jan has yet to use it for anything more than removing Boggarts from pensioners water tanks or lighting his cigarettes…