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    Capping off 2013: ‘Torsobear’ – my short story in Outré #2. Plus – Vale special in print!

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    Hi friends!

    Wow, talk about a packed year.

    Four issues of a mini series, multiple scripts/collaborations and shorts done, old series re-released, surprise award nominations had, TV producer pitched to, first year as a father survived.

    There’s plenty of work done in 2013 that will bleed into the next couple of years as releases and revisions trickle out, but i’d just like to highlight a couple of final releases for the year.

    First is my 8 page story, ‘Torsobear’, in issue two of Magnus Aspli and Glenn Moane’s awesome digital anthology, Outré. It’s completely free and set up for most devices and comics readers. There’s a rich seam of talent running through the whole book, so check out the other stories, illustrations and musings by fellow indie creators.


    Download it here - http://outrepress.com/?p=1216


    Also,  in the nick of time, the fantastic folks at UK Comics got the print run of the The Vale special to me for fulfilling orders. Thanks to Stuart and his staff for the great service… and the yummy treats they came with! ;)

    They passed my baby girl’s careful print-checking and have gone to retail. See for yourself -



    All in all, it’s been a hard year, but such a rewarding one. I hope to see all of you again on the convention circuit and keep putting out fresh books.

    From all at The Vale and Dead Universe Publishing teams, we wish you the happiest of holidays. Peace!


    Brett x

    Order The Vale one shot comic – ‘I don’t know what I did last summer!’

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    Hi Folks,

    It’s been quiet here for a while, but rest assured online silence is always down to a flurry of activity with pencil and laptop.

    So, here to cap off an amazing year of publishing, comes a special one-shot comic – The Vale ‘I don’t what I did last summer’.

    Set a year prior to the main series, it follows our friends adventure to Ireland for a stag do.

    There’s 6 foot drunken newts, Leprechauns, rips in space-time and of course copious amounts of booze.

    Featuring the writing talents of my partner in life and crimes against art, F Harmon.

    Also, a special piece of art by my good friend and fellow DUP alum, Lee Killeen – artist of ‘Kaiju Steel’.

    Who could say no?

    Check out the cover image and order it in print here -